I lately discovered Wammu, if you need to synchronize contacts between your computer and your phone (not a too fancy one like iphone or any android one's) then you might be interested with it.

This guide explain clearly how to install it so won't do it twice. Nevertheless for those who wants to use it on a mac, there is no available binary distribution or there wasn't. Lately I fixed it and it's available here. This DMG should work for OS X 10.4 and upper (at least it has been tested on Tiger and Snowleopard).

In order to get it on mac you'll need:

  • Wammu 1.28.95 in DMG format
  • Python 2.6 (in standard on Snowleopard, for others have a look at python release here)
  • Wxpython (on more time standard in Snowleopard, for others it's here, be sure to take a version compiled for python 2.6 ...)
  • A recent version of wammu, why not the version 0.35 !
  • A patch for making wammu more friendly
  • A script for starting Wammu

Install the different DMGs, then unzip the wamm-0.35.zip in your home folder and put there the patch and the script. To start just click on Wammu.sh icon.

If you did everything correctly wammu should start, if not well try more !

The trickiest part is to connect your mac and your phone, as the method used in this guide for the phone port didn't work. Instead select the serial emulation solution like pictured below (in my case I need AT over serial line which might be or might not be your case ...) wammu1.png

Then pair your computer with your phone, once paired, open the bluetooth preferences depending on the version of your mac it will look like this on Snowleopard: btmac1.png

And like this on Tiger: btmac1bis.png

Then click on the Gear symbol or on change serial ports, an approaching window should open:


Note down the name for serial port service (here it's C5212-SerialPort in my example), from the name we can derive the name of the device that you have to specify for Wammu. The device has the following name: /dev/tty.<NAME>. At least SnowLeopard is kind enough to give you the full name for Tiger you have to work it out.

Once you have the name of the device, go back to Wammu, hit the next button and fill the field with the name of the device so that it looks like this: wammu2.png