If you're like me you have a magic mouse and you use it under Linux you might have noticed that the scrolling is desperately slow.

A couple of modification made by guys of Ubuntu in May/June should have an impact on it.

Namely this two parameters:

  • scroll-speed
  • scroll-acceleration

By default scroll-speed has a value of 32 in a range of 0-63 which is definitely not enough, I found that 45 is ok if used with scroll-acceleration otherwise you have to use more than 50. The parameter scroll-acceleration is not very clear, my understanding is that if you make a small scroll move the scrolling will be small but if you make a a bigger one the scrolling effect will be greatly amplified (it's particularly true if you start or stop from the very top of the mouse).

To test your parameter in order to get the value that suits your need do the following:

rmmod hid_magicmouse;modprobe hid_magicmouse scroll-speed=45 scroll-acceleration=1

Try different value for scroll-speed in order to get the best value that suits your need.

Once it's ok, create a file in /etc/modprobe.d called magicmouse.conf with the following content:

options hid_magicmouse scroll-speed=45 scroll-acceleration=1

Of course change 45 for the value you estimated before.

Enjoy !